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Personalized Whiteboard or Chalkboard Eraser Gift Set

Personalized Whiteboard or Chalkboard Eraser Gift Set


These laser-engraved personalized whiteboard/chalkboard erasers make the perfect gift for your favorite teacher!!

Erasers are high quality with a wooden top and felt base. They are standard-sized classroom erasers and measure 5.25" x 2".


These are available in two variations:

1. Eraser Only - Includes Personalized Eraser (NO Gift Packaging or Markers)

2. Gift Set - Includes Personalized Eraser, 2 Expo Markers, Gift Bag, Apple Shaped Gift Tag Personalized with Child's Name, and Decorative Ribbon

If you would like to order a custom item or are looking for something a little different please message me and I will be happy to create something for you.


** Please remember that as unique as your gift is so is the tree that the wood is harvested from. Your eraser may have different wood grains and characteristics than the one pictured.

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